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New Leadership Delivering Results

Lisa is a Licensed Acupuncturist, small business owner and health care advocate. Lisa is dedicated to finding the balance of individual, business and community needs.  Working with people from varied backgrounds ensures a “win-win” for our our communities!

Lisa is a solutions-oriented candidate bringing a much needed balanced approach to:

  • Affordable Healthcare:  Join Lisa’s fight to reign in costs, increase benefits and increase access to coverage for more Oregonians.   We must address the opiate crisis by giving access to the care people need.  

  • Living Wages: people who work full-time should be able to afford the basics and not need subsidies.  

  • Affordable housing: Homelessness, cost of rent, cost of homes, cost of utilities (if you are outside of McMinnville). 

  • Responsible Taxation: Large corporations should be taxed the same as small businesses.  

  • Environment: Protecting Oregon’s environment and livability. We must have clean water and air for future generations, which is why Lisa supports the Oregon Green New Deal that is dedicated to positive environmental changes while also protecting jobs. 


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